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Updated April 6 2023
Text, emails, messages and reviews

My hair looks amazing ! (Henna client hi lights  and cut)
M. Cowhey

Love it, thank you so much! Have been getting so many compliments.
Michelle E.

My hair looks amazing!
My best friend says she's obsessed with it.
Emily Streb

My husband says I look younger.
Thank you for making me feel beautidful again.

Everything about Luna Hair Studio is wonderful! Lisa is amazing and I always walk out of there with the best looking hair ever!
Nicole Glover

Haircut looks great,Lisa!
I'm thrilled.
Joanne B.

I love  my cut!
Thank you ,
Jean Gaskil

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for my beautiful hair! I am totally in LOVE with it!!!
I took a picture without my mask and wanted to share it with you.
Thank you again,
Mikayla B.

Thank you, I especially like the last photo and my hair looks so much healthier 
and bouncier. I'm determined to be " salon fresh" on a daily basis.
Julian P.

Hi Lisa,
I love my haircut.Someone said my hair was super cute!
Thank you,
Emma Dryden

Love the hair cut, Lisa.
Judy Stonerock

I am loving my hair cut and having fun with the new product.
Amy F.

Thank you for a great hair cut. I'm LOVING it!!!!
Joanna H.

Hi Lisa,
Wow what a difference! I'm really happy with the way my hair turned out.Sure you can use the picture.Thank you for showing mw how to care for my hair.

Hi Lisa,
It was wonderful meeting you and the appointment was such an informative and inspiring experience! I will definitely be back in the future!

Thank you and you are the best. You made me feel great. I'll see you next time in 3 months.

Hi Lisa...
I'm so happy with how my hair came outcome every level...TEXTURE-COLOR HILIGHTS.
I'm feeling like my pretty self again...Thank you so much.
Would love to know what product combination you and Samantha used on my hair because the texture is amazing right now. Lisa=hair genius and all around sweet heart of a person.
Jenna F.
I love my hair and feel beautiful again!Thank you so much!
Ashley Posley

I really like how you cut it this time. I wish I'd had you for the last 20 years,lol.
Bryant S.

Yes you can use the photos and thank you for the excellent cut.
Robin S.

Thank you so much ,I am so grateful for you.
Angela H.

Yes, I love them (photos)and my hair ,thank you so much.
Kia Gomez

Hi Lisa!!! I just need to tell you that this is the first time I've LOVED a haircut!!!! I always dread getting it trimmed or cut because it"s never done right and you did it PERFECTLY!! It looked so great all weekend for our event at the Dolby Theater!
Thanks for listening to my music too!! So glad I met you and I've already been telling people where they can get their curls beautifully taken care of with you!!
Megan Tibbits

Thanks again! Sending all my curly friends your way.
Hanah G.

I've been coming to Lisa for 10 years .She deserves another applause for her work. My curly hair is looking fabulous I might add. Thank you for introducing me to organic products and the knowledge of keeping frizzy hair healthy during menopause..
Angie B.

"You are the curl whisperer."
Paula Present

"You are a talented hairstylist and photographer"

"I'm loving my hair and I'm already sending you my mom."

"Nari is thrilled with her hair"

By the way my husband loves my hair cut and so do I. How often do I need to come to maintain this cut?
Charlene M.

Thank you again,Lisa, I am so happy!

Thank you so much ,Lisa. I love my hair.

You did such a great job! Thank you ,thank you, thank you, Lisa!!

I've already gotten so many compliments.

I have been going to Lisa for several years now and always find her to be pleasurable, knowledgable and wanting to make sure I'm happy with my hair. I always leave learning more about my hair, how to care for it and what products will work best with it. Receiving Deva Cuts and using the products have finally shown me how to love, embrace and work with my curls and Lisa has been a huge part in that! I appreciate the continual trainings she attends and is always sharing how to make my curls look their best.  - Laura H. 

Hi Lisa,  I hope you had a fantastic holiday! I've been incredibly happy with my last haircut. Looking to schedule another trim for a saturday in the next couple weeks.
I absolutely love my new hair cut,thankyou Lisa !!
Jessica R.

Sorry it took me so long to respond to the pictures you sent me.Thank you and I love my hair.
P.R. mom to be 

So happy with my healthy curls that I wore my hair natural to homecoming! Thank you so much agin!
Lily D.

I was referred to Lisa by someone on the street. I asked her who does  her hair and she said Lisa at Luna. I always ask for referrals because that is free advertisement right there in front of me.
I'm not a yelper but I wanted to let Lisa know how glad I am I found her.
I learned a lot about my hair and products. My hair has more wave/movement then I thought. 
Sarah M. 
My girl friend says its the best cut I've ever received. Thank you Lisa 
I wanted to share this with you.  

Thanks Lisa
I have already gotten a ton of compliments! Loving the Cut!
Alisha W. (Instagram) lisa_lunahairstudio

I can only echo everyone's praise for Lisa! I have thick, wavy hair that I generally cut/styled like straight hair until a few years ago, when a different stylist convinced me that I should work with my natural hair texture instead of against it. That stylist gave me a wonderful layered cut that I loved, but for various reasons I wasn't able to continue going to her salon... thus marking the beginning of a very frustrating (not to mention expensive) three-year journey to find someone who had the skills to work with my hair in the same way.  
Finally, after yet another cut gone wrong a few months ago, a friend recommended finding a stylist trained in the Deva cutting method. A quick online search brought me to Lisa, and I haven't looked back ever since. She intrinsically understands how to cut my hair in a way that works not only with its texture, but also with my styling preferences. She's also helping me transition into growing out my gray hair by putting in beautiful low-lights. On top of all of that, she is simply a lovely person and a pleasure to spend time with.
If you have wavy or curly hair and feel like you just can't find a stylist who knows how to handle it, do yourself a favor and contact Lisa.  I wish I'd found her years ago, thrilled to have found her now! 
-Sara C.

Lisa is wonderful and everything people say is true. She does an amazing job explaining how to manage your curly hair, spends quality time with you, and doesn't push products on you. I had to tell her I wanted even more products. She is very patient and answered all of my questions. She was very great at helping to tame this curly head which I thought was beyond being managed. My curls have never been this well defined, manageable and in place for so long. It's the end of the day and I still have great curls without any puffy hair
- TF

Lisa and Rebecca were awesome and explained everything with details. My daughter and I are extremely pleased. We will see you soon!
- Adi and mom

Thank you for taking such care and explaining what my hair needed most!
- Christina
Loved Lisa & the calm vibe in her studio. Lisa's work was beautiful & her dedication to her art showed! The process took much longer than I expected but she took a great deal of care and there were a lot more conditioning treatments than I'm used to; which is not a bad thing for someone to actually care about the quality of the hair! I will allot more time for my next appt. :-)
- Ann
Walked right in and got started. Lisa explained everything she was doing and why. I left with a fantastic curly cut and a much better understanding of how to keep it!
Lisa listens to her clients and is not afraid to try new products/coloring techniques that are environmentally friendly. She works with the client to figure out what works, which can't be said of many salons I've been to.
- Shukla
Great as always. Cosmic Blessings.
- F. Russell

Thank you for the wonderful haircut! Lori and her mom have declared this haircut the best ever - over and over!!!
- Sandra S.
My color looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
- Monica R.

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking such good care of my hair. It took me a day to get used to the color, and now I love it, and have already received many compliments. As much as I love the color, I might love the cut even more - it is FABULOUS!!!
- M. Biglia

I love the color, and the whole experience with the henna was great. The color is Fierce!
- Carolyn B.

Lisa at Luna Hair Studio is just wonderful. I have pretty curly hair and it can be a bit hard to maintain, just because I have no idea what to do, what products actually work, or how to keep the curls from becoming a huge mess. Lisa gave me some great tips on how to set my hair properly at home and the dry haircut that she gave me is just gorgeous. Her salon is also wonderful - she's got a great atmosphere going on in there and it smells wonderful. She's all about natural living and it was great not have to worry about harsh chemicals. She's the best and I'm a fan for life now! 
- Diana C.

Great salon! Lisa was super nice and very knowledgeable - I felt totally comfortable putting my curls in her capable hands :) Got a great dry cut and then she gave me some very helpful tips on how to style my curls at home. Thanks Lisa!
- Tinna F.
I have gotten and keep getting so many compliments on my hair, thank you so much!! Apparently I make a fabulous brunette, haha. I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am that I found you and that my hair is on the way to health. I threw away all my products with dimethicone and fragrance. :) I love the shear organics, my hair is so soft. Also, the Jessie Curl products are safe, I went on her site yesterday and she has celiac disease too, so I'll buy those next time I see you. I will definitely try to wash my hair last to try to hang on to this fabulous color and I will see you on the 24th for my agave treatment.
Thanks again!
- Monique
Hi Lisa
The color came out great and I am extremely happy with it. 
Thanks so much. I really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into it. 
- Mike

If you have straight hair, go to Lisa. If you have curly hair, DEFINITELY go to Lisa! I had my first appointment today, for a Deva dry-cut (for curly hair). I called on Wednesday and Lisa quickly called me back, set me up for an appointment on Saturday afternoon. Her place is small, intimate, and relaxing! It didn't smell of chemicals, either. She quickly assessed my hair, asked what I wanted and... did exactly what I asked! She kept my curls long, cleaned up my layers, and demonstrated techniques to use to keep my hair in better condition. 
She was fast, and friendly though not overly chatty in the way some stylists can be. All in all, I was out in less than an hour! And that was with a dry cut, a shampoo and conditioner, time under a dryer, and touch-up cut. She's very fairly priced and doesn't try to push products on you (though she does carry a lot of great lines - whatever is in my hair today, it's good stuff!). I'll definitely be back!
- Alexandra W.

I'm so thrilled to write a positive review about a salon in LA! I moved out here from Boston 8 months ago and was feeling quite daunted about my experiences and the prices (yulp!) of getting my hair cut and highlighted. But now I can rest easy but thanks to the great reviews about Lisa, I gave her a shot and WOW! I'm so glad I did. Her salon is low key and comfortable, location is great- free parking plus across the street is the adorable Aroma Cafe but the best part is my hair looks and feels amazing! What made this experience ideal is that Lisa is an excellent stylist, a wonderful easy going person, very knowledgeable about hair and products but not pushy. She helped me figure out different ways to wear my hair and still keeping it healthy. She is an absolute gem! The cost came out to $200 for cut and highlights for medium length hair- which in LA is fair and should last 3 months. Highly recommend!
- Heide D

Love Love Love. I found Lisa thanks to Yelp. The atmosphere of the salon is down to earth and relaxing. Lisa is very sweet and knowledgeable. I have never seen my curls so healthy and beautiful. She gave me a lot of great tips to hydrate and maintain my curls. I saw the difference with just one visit. I am so glad I have finally found somebodu that can help with my curls. 
- Leslie G

Lisa is A-MAZ-ZING! I have naturally curly hair and was buying one high end product after another and it was destroying my hair. Ironically, I was buying it all to *help* my hair... little did I know until I met Lisa. She knows what to do! She is a brilliant hair guru and a very fun conversationalist taboot. She has taught me how to take care of my hair and what products to use to make sure it doesn't dry out. I've been trying to grow my hair long since 2001 but my hair was not growing in a healthy manner - it looked dead and ratty on the ends and wasn't growing longer than about shoulder length since about 2002... I've been seeing Lisa for just over a year and it's already inches past my shoulders and healthy looking too! I'm not saying she can do that for everyone, but I know she helped me because I can see the results! I trust Lisa with my hair and she's more than reasonably priced. She could easily maintain steady clientele in Manhattan or Malibu; I'm just lucky she's decided to live and work where she does so a person like me can get haircuts and advice from her. One of my curly-girly friends has seen her because I recommended her and she is also a happy client - and she drives up from Long Beach to see her. I can't say enough good things about Lisa. 
- Kim
A little gem, with a wonderful stylist/owner, Lisa, who truly takes the time and gives great haircuts! Im thinking of doing some lowlighting in my hair and going back for that, but I am sure that will also be great. Lisa is lovely and does great work. A huge plus that she likes to use products and services without chemicals, and helps her clients to understand about them, too. I love that it's not an overcrowded crazy salon, too. Made me feel more like it was "my time" there. Highly recommend Lisa for all of your hair needs in Studio City.
- Dana

This is a terrific salon where you will experience a friendly and relaxing time getting yourself pampered. Lisa is very knowledgeable in the latest techniques for color and style and has a very good eye for what works well for her clients. The salon is chic and the music adds to the ambiance of relaxation, good converation and trendy tresses. I have been going to Luna for many years and have always been thrilled with how my hair looks. I highly recommend Lisa. 
- GG
If you are looking for a hair studio with a down to earth, relaxing atmosphere, Luna Hair Studio is the place for you. I’ve been going to Lisa for many years. She’s friendly, personable and loves what she does. She always takes great care to satisfy the customer’s needs and requests, while educating them on how to keep their hair healthy. She’s stays current on trends in the hair industry and tries to use eco friendly products as much as possible. Also, I love that the salon is small and free of the noise and distractions of most hair studios. 
- S. Gibb

I had no clue my hair would look the way it does now because I always wore it shorter and blew it dry, taking out the natural wave and curl. Every time I tried to grow my hair out, I cut it off because it dragged down my narrow face. Lisa worked with my hair in its natural state (and showed me how to do it, too) and created a whole new look for me. The wave of my longer hair actually softens my strong features. I get lots of compliments. I also appreciate that Lisa keeps me informed about hair industry news, in particular, ingredients of products. Lisa is on the cutting edge :), but she and her salon have an easy feeling. 
- JC

I was lucky enough to find Lisa and Luna Hair Studio via Yelp - which gave her a rave review...and the rave review was so spot on! I have naturally mousy blond hair and with Lisa's expertise, my hair is always a fabulous highlighted beach blond - without being too fake looking or having to go to the beach! Plus my hair is much healthier since I've been seeing Lisa at Luna (which is over a year now). Parking is super easy - and free - and there are fun stores to window shop while my foils are at work (much to the amusement of Lisa's fellow store owners). And did I mention the best part? Lisa is beyond reasonably priced! Added bonus - she's gorgeous and has great energy as well! I recommended Lisa to my friend in the OC and she is now a customer - quite a hike but well worth it. So happy with my hair and it's all thanks to the fabulous Ms Baker!! 
- Fiona
Luna & Lisa are the best. I walked in with a disastrous color job and Lisa gave me great, natural-looking color. Not to mention she got my damaged hair back in shape AND knows how to handle curly hair (cut & style it, which products to use) -which is truly rare. Lisa spends a lot of time with you - and offers a menu of options depending on your budget. and style suggestions too (she's her own best advertising - chic in every way). She's fun, welcoming and upbeat, she carries the great Deva line for curly hair, and is always on the lookout for greener product alternatives. You can park right at the door and it's a great neighborhood for lunch or shopping. I was a "walk-in" and have been a customer for more than 3 years now. Beverly Hills service without the attitude and price. 
- Jennifer P.
As usual Lisa has given me a wonderful cut as well as some natural looking high lights , The condition of my hair keeps getting better and better all due to the products she recommends. After paying ridiculous over priced $$$ in West Hollywood at trendy,intimidating salons and never being 100% happy it's nice to have found Lisa doing a great job at much more affordable prices. When I want to go straight occasionally she get's how to do that as well. My hair looks great either way!
I love the way my hair feels, looks, and curls since I started going to Lisa at Luna Hair Studio!I never knew my hairs potential until she showed me what to use and how to take care of my hair.I get compliments on the cut and color and condition all he time now!She suggest great products that make a difference in my hair and with the vast amount of junk that's out there,even high end stuff it's good to have her to trust because whatever she uses works great ! 
- Megan C.

Really GREAT! I went to Lisa thinking all my hair needed to be chopped off and she saved me! I have never had my hair cut by anyone who understands curly hair until now..Lisa taught me so much about hair care and how to get the best out of my hair. She is a lovely lady and she really knows her stuff...not to mention she gave me the best cut I have ever had! Thanks Lisa..shame I am moving back to England as I finally found a good hairstylist
- Irena K.
Like many of us, I had spent years in noisy, over priced salons and frankly I was tired of it. Thank Goodness for Luna! So many things impress me about this modest salon: First of all, Lisa is a doll. No ego, no fuss, she is warm and totally professional. Though my hair was a big, fat, damaged mess when I walked in, she instantly put me at my ease and came up with some terrific ways to nourish it back to health. I love the sweet inspirational messages she has posted around the salon, the dleightful array of books,and even the fresh tea- she really gives you that personable spa feeling without the spa prices. My hair looks great and I have learned about organic products from Lisa. She is dedicated to using clean and quality ingredients and I appreciate that. ( and apparently so does my hair 'cause it looks better than it has in a looooong time. Yeah!) 
- Amy I.

My husband, who is in the hair industry, recommended that I go see Lisa when I was looking to change stylists. I have naturally curly hair so its hard for me to find a stylist that i can trust and who really know how to cut and color my hair. I have to say that I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She gave me a great cut and colored my hair beautifully. My color looks natural and healthy. She used a safe and ammonia free hair color that left my hair looking shiny, natural and soft. And best of all it covered my grey! Lisa is personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. Her prices are reasonable and you will get top quality service. I am so happy to finally have someone I can trust to do my hair! 
- Leslie C.

I started going to Lisa with dry, damaged bleach blond 43 year old bad hair. She cut and styled my hair and sent me home with Deva Natural Curly hair products. I slowly started to see a small difference, but still wasn't convinced it was helping. I went in for the usual Haircut and style again and she told me this time to cut a few inches off and get rid of the dead dull hair I was trying to hold on to forever feeling like I looked younger, ya right. Anyway, a few days went by and I must of received 10 compliments on my new (shorter style) and fuller head of hair. All I'm trying to say is "Thank You" Lisa for educating me on organic products and trusting you with my hair. My friends tell me I look younger with shorter hair.
- Angie I.
I travel far to get color and care for my curls here. It's worth the drive. The products used are top rate. No sulfates. My hair gets a needed moisturizer boost whenever I go and I always take product home with me to last until my next visit. When my curls are happy, I'm happy. 
- Camo5

Whether it's a multi color weave or rich low lights Lisa always knows how to make my hair look great.Sometime she creates a splash of intense color for fun in a underneath panel of hair. We talk,she listens she suggests! I trust her to do what ever she thinks and I am always happy with my color and cut. Lisa's passion for what she does and concern for her customers satisfaction is a big plus in my book! She's always researching products to find us the least toxic yet affective hair products. Her positive energy,great music and warmth along with her personal attention are 3 reasons I enjoy going to Luna Hair Studio to be pampered and unwind. 
- Sandy
I have known Lisa Baker owner of Luna Hair Studio for many, many years. Her shop is warm and inviting, there is plenty of parking, She has much experience in hair coloring and styling. She uses products which are safe and beneficial for you hair sucha as Hamadi Organics for conditonng. Her prices are very fair and she stands behind her work and products. There is no doubt as to why I am a satsified customer for many many years. 
- Gretchen
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